Imago Workshop for Couples

Attention Couples!

Turn your Conflict into DEEP Connection!

Most people mistakenly assume that conflict in the relationship means they made the wrong partner selection.  Conflict is growth about to happen!  The purpose of conflict is to awaken you.  Without some conflict you’d stop growing.  When anything bothers you for more than 10 minutes, or seems to always reoccur—it means it is rooted from the past!   It gets “stirred” up in your relationship!  During the workshop you learn more about yourself, what your triggers are, and what your partners triggers are.   During the workshop, you learn how move from the conflict to be able to language what you really need!

Create the Relationship you Both LONG For!

Couples need a road map to navigate through conflicts. Unfortunately our parents might not have modeled the best way how to Manage Conflict, or how to Create a Relationship Vision, or how to Increase Fun and Passion with each other. We will give you all of this and more. You will leave at 6 pm on Sunday with a road map that will help you navigate and guide you through the rest of your lives!

Happiness for Many Generations!

Family legacies are created and handed down from one generation to the next. Typically, the primary relationship examples that a child receives are their caregivers. They observe the patterns and behaviors of their parents. Even an infant will mimic the behaviors they see. Therefore, your relationship influences your childís development and later becomes the basis for YOUR childrenís relationships!

The good news here is that any work you do today to improve your relationship has the power to transform your family legacy for generations to come.

Are you longing to Rewrite your Family Legacy

Are you willing to invest in the Happiness of your Family for Many Generations

Are you ready to Embrace your own Personal Happiness and Satisfaction

Are you ready to move through Conflict to Connection

Are you ready to restore the Passion and Intimacy in your Relationship

If you are answered Yes to these questions


Our next workshop date is:

March 30- April 1


Workshop format:
It is held in the privacy of our home on our farm, in the Bluegrass Horse Country of Lexington, Ky. We are just 15 minutes from downtown, and 15 minutes from Bluegrass Airport. The workshop is experiential and private. We have videos, lecture, a workbook, and discussion. You go off with your partner to do the exercises, and we are here if you need any assistance.

Hotel / B and B recommendations:
Our address is:  4470 Old Frankfort Pike, Lexington, Ky.
There are many close hotels and quaint Bed and Breakfasts.

Cost per couple
$750 with 30 day advance registration

Cancellation policy:
If you cancel 14 days before the workshop, you will receive a full refund less a $120. processing fee. If you need to cancel within 14 days of the workshop, you will not receive a refund, however your may register to a future workshop.

If, after participating in the entire workshop, and you believe the experience you’ve received was not beneficial to you, and you give written notice to the presenter within an hour after the end of the workshop, your money less $150. for materials will be refunded to you within 5 business days.    

The workshop is presented by Jessica C. Bollinger, lcsw and her wife, Cathy Wieschhoff. They have been in relationship for 22 years, raising their son teenage son with all of these relational tools!
Any questions (859)  552-6533

Workshop Dates in Lexington, Ky.

3 days:
Friday night 7-10pm,
Sat. 9am-7pm,
Sun. 9am-6pm

January 12-14
March 30- April 1

Individual couples intensives also available
I am REALLY enjoying doing couples intensives, one or two days, 3-5 hour segments--Wonderful insight and shifts--finding out what is happening in your relationship, what is causing the disconnection and frustration. Learn how it boils down to simple steps you can do to get your relationship back on track.

Please call us if you'd like to use a credit card
(859) 552-6533 or send checks to
Jessica C. Bollinger
4470 Old Frankfort Pike
Lexington, Kentucky  40510

January 12-14
March 30- April 1
Individual couples intensive

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