If traditional office visits are not an option for you because of your busy schedule or location, I provide very successful online therapy via phone or skype appointments.

I do both individual and couples appointments via the phone or skype.   You can be in the privacy of your own home.    My clients call me during the scheduled appointment.     I have my clients describe to me their setting, so that I know there will be focused attention both from my office, and from wherever they are.   

In my very successful couples work, I have you sit comfortably across from each other, “knee to knee” “heart to heart”, as we work on tools to enable communication and connection between you both.    You learn tools of empathic dialogue, re-romaticizing excercises, create a relationship vision, are able to find that your greatest frustrations are really “gold” to help you both grow.

My clients pay via Mastercard or Visa.

Give me a call or e-mail and we can discuss how this can be benefit you or your relationship.

859-552-6533     jessica@imagoconnection.com

All calls or e-mails are totally confidential.