What is Imago?

Imago Relationship Therapy, is a model of therapy developed by Harville Hendrix, Ph.D. It recognizes that the inherent nature of human beings is what Jung described as a "push towards wholeness". That wholeness contains Maslow's qualities of a self actualized person: spontaneity and creativity, acceptance of self and others, and ability to tolerate and even welcome uncertainty in life, a need to have both solitude and deep intense relationships, a sense of humor, caring and compassion for others, inner direction, and an open and fresh attitude toward life.

Throughout our development as human beings, that wholeness is fragmented through experiences in relationships in adulthood. The ultimate goal of the work that couples and individuals do in Imago Relationship Therapy is to assist in repairing the wounded or injured aspects of that original state, and reclaim the whole self that can more passionately and vibrantly express itself in life and in relationship.

Couples and individuals learn more about their early development, their focus and needing safety and love and their adaption they made unconsciously to maintain feeling safe and loved. The clients learn tools to live more consciously and be heard and understood. They learn tools for deeper connection and ability to live in full aliveness.

These tools also create more fulfillment in all aspects of life, work, play, family.

Jessie continues her studies and education, attending many workshops and trainings each year. The Imago Therapists have weekly phone bridges with different topics and speakers. They network to provide support and expanded learning.